Lat: 52.208313 Lon: -0.589271

A weekend in the sun

A weekend in the sun

Rather fortunately, the skies have typically been sunfilled, sunblessed and delightfully sunny this year when I’ve been able to take a short break away from the big smog.

On Saturday night, at my mum and dad’s house, a dead bird was spotted lying crumpled and half-eaten on the patio. I was asked if I could dispose of it. I took a small spade, picked up the deceased and embarked on a journey to the bottom of the garden; where the River Ouse flows and I hoped to find some kind of avian graveyard.

As I walked, I realised that suitably solemn words would be required to mark the passing of the departed; something vaguely Latin seeming to fit the bill best.
The only such word that came to mind was ‘somnambulist’.

When I got to the river, my intention was to fling the corpse into the middle of the stream, to where the current flowed fastest. Instead, as I swung the shovel, the bird fell off and landed, eighteen, perhaps twenty inches from where I was stood, just beyond my reach in the shallows of the river.


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Tim Jeeves is an artist and writer who, at certain junctures, in particular contexts and amidst a myriad of other inclinations, will turn his attention towards the flexibility of identity.
Aware that these words may invalidate such investigations by being read as a statement of a constant self, he has embarked on a project entitled 'Artist’s Statefragment'.
Viewable at , this work, written in hypertext, enables an increasing number of artist statements, each addressing a different aspect of his practice, to be viewed non-linearly and with fluctuating priority.

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